Amazon Acquires Whole Foods in Retail Armageddon

  • Moms on YouTube

    Connecting with Modern Moms through YouTube

    Companies can effectively appeal to moms on YouTube using these six emerging trends. It should come as no surprise that moms continue to control the purse strings in the majority of Canadian households. Understanding their changing media habits is essential to targeting this key demographic. Modern moms are increasingly moving to digital devices, with 83%... Read more »

  • Lessons from Kodak

    Lessons from Kodak

    4 Unifying Principles could have saved Kodak. Just finished a great book entitled Be Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It, and there it was again – the story of Kodak and how they failed to stand by their unifying principles. It still boggles my mind today that a company that dominated our... Read more »

  • the-famous-spiegeltent-photo-by-thierry-franco_feature

    Luminato Lighting Up Toronto for its 11th Annual Festival

    A 1920s style pop-up tent, street dance on ice, a world premiere dance opera, free lunchhour outdoor concerts – all signs that Luminato is in town. Celebrating its opening night in Toronto last Thursday, Luminato’s 11th annual arts extravaganza runs through to this Sunday, June 25. While presenting its usual mix of art in all its... Read more »

  • Tech Giants and Mega Philanthropy

    Tech Giants Give Back

    Can Mega-Philanthropy at the hands of Tech Giants make the world a better place? You hear the promises of a utopic future with a colossal roar. The prevalent players in the tech industry say they want to change the world for the better, and they are not shy about making big claims and promises. Amazon’s... Read more »