Blockchain: An Introduction

  • How our Media Group is Transforming the Advertiser Experience

    How Our Media Group is Transforming the Advertiser Experience: An Interview with Jacqueline Loch

    FASHION Magazine is no longer just a magazine. It’s a luxury brand, providing a luxury environment and a luxury experience for readers and advertisers alike. In a new interview with FIPP, the global magazine association, St. Joseph Media’s VP & Group Publisher Jacqueline Loch delves into FASHION‘s brand transformation and its innovative approach with advertisers that... Read more »

  • furniture_micromoments

    The Four Moments Every Furniture Brand Must Own

    Owning the 4 key micro-moments in the home furnishing industry can help brands manage the consumer’s decision-making process. Micro-moments are critical digital interactions that occur in today’s consumer journey. They are key moments when information is actively sought out, shaping purchase intent regarding a product or service. Last month we dedicated an article to the... Read more »

  • Science Fiction is the Key to Unlocking Our World

    Science Fiction is the Key to Unlocking our World

    If you want to figure out your next business move, leap into the pages of some science fiction my friends. “Why Business Leaders need to read more Science Fiction,” headlines an article in the Harvard Business Review, and there are many more that echo this approach to understanding our multiverse. I couldn’t agree more. As... Read more »

  • targeting_generation_z

    Targeting Generation Z

      Understanding Gen Zers’ habits is essential to tapping into this powerful consumer base. Over the past decade, brands and retailers have worked exhaustively to understand how Millennials think and act; all in an effort to tap into their ever-increasing buying power. Getting notably less attention, however, is Generation Z, those born between the mid 1990s... Read more »