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The way consumers engage with brands has changed. Consumers can now interact with a brand in a number of ways - retail stores, pop-ups, print, signage, online, mobile, social, wearables - it's endless. They access products and product information instantaneously. They have flipped the tables so much so, that a brand is no longer what the brand tells the consumer it is. It's what consumers tell each other it is. As a consequence, brands need to revisit the way they engage with consumers and they need to provide seamless experiences across multiple touchpoints, regardless of channel or device.

At St. Joseph we are storytellers for this connected world. We believe that great storytelling is born of collaboration. We bring together dedicated experts and innovators to merge marketing, content and technology in bold, exciting, new ways. We understand the 'omnichannel multiverse', and we help brands navigate it, so that their stories connect with audiences throughout the blending and blurring ecosystem of print and digital – providing true engagement and true benefit. We look to answer the question: why will consumers care?... and we pride ourselves in delivering outcomes based on efficiencies and effectiveness.

We have award-winning talent. We have inspiring thought leaders. We make brands shine. We build audience. We drive engagement.

Simply put? We are transforming the way brands engage with people.

What we do

When we create content for omnichannel distribution, we have two objectives: it needs to be effective for each medium and it has to be efficiently produced.

In order to illustrate this, we have selected a KitchenAid stand mixer as the featured product. This is a high value product, which the consumer would likely review multiple times, from a variety of sources, prior to making a purchase decision.

In advance of our star’s arrival at our studios, we carefully plan all the content requirements, including copywriting, static photography and video. This allows us to be very efficient with our associate’s time, as well as outside model talent. See what takes place over 48 hours.

By carefully planning and executing these 48 hours of activity, we can yield a multitude of effective content, starting with a variety of different lifestyle images.

We also capture the product from 360 degrees and then colour correct to every available colour option for use in both digital and print-based deployments.

By stitching together these static photos, we create a seamless motion graphics element, which can then be repurposed for a variety of digital initiatives.

With the addition of music and animation, we create highly effective short-form spots that can be shared through social media.

Once we have piqued the interest of the consumer, they generally crave additional information. That’s where a carefully-scripted explainer video comes in. Efficiency is gained by filming in the same kitchen studio where we captured our lifestyle photos.

While professionally produced videos are very useful, user-generated content is garnering a lot of attention from consumers seeking authenticity.

The consumer is ready to buy a product at a retail location, but wants more information. While this content could be found on their mobile device, we believe an easy-to-navigate larger screen, at shelf level, is preferred by most. Utilizing all the content we have already created, we deploy an interactive kiosk experience.

Careful planning, 48 hours of content creation and one very pleased consumer.

How we do it


Gaetano Gagliano

Honorary Chairman & Founder

Tony Gagliano

Executive Chairman & CEO

Frank Gagliano

Vice Chairman

Michael Chase

Chief Marketing Officer

Phil van Schijndel

Chief Technology Officer

Kin-Man Lee

Chief Financial Officer

Elaine Cruise Smith

Corporate Vice President, Human Resources

John Gagliano

President, Print Group

Doug Kelly

President, Media Group

Mark Zwicker

Executive Vice President, Client Engagement,
Content Group

Joseph Arcuri

Executive Vice President, Operations and Finance,
Content Group

Ray D'Antonio

Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing,
Print Group

Ryan Anderson

Vice President & GM, Toronto Print Campus,
Print Group

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