Away Magazine

AWAY is a quarterly magazine for passengers at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Everything from shopping, food and drink possibilities in the terminals, to profiles and behind-the-scenes stories at Canada’s busiest airport, to destinations around the world, will be explored in AWAY.

“We wanted a tool that would help us engage our passengers, and take them on the first step of their journey, which starts at the airport,” says Erin Kennedy, Manager of Passenger Communications for Toronto Pearson.

Drawing on the expertise of Maryam Sanati, Editorial Director, Special Projects for St. Joseph’s Media Group, and Deborah Stokes, former travel editor at the National Post and now Senior Editor at Strategic Content Labs, AWAY is packed with travel features from Canada and around the world, with helpful suggestions and tips on where to stay, what to do and where to eat in the profiled locales. Maps and listed services help passengers navigate the airport and take full advantage of everything Toronto Pearson has to offer.

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