Binkley Apples

Never could we have imagined the impact our partnership with St. Joseph Communications would have on our business. Since the launch of the campaign, sales of our Red Prince variety are far beyond our expectations and we’ve dramatically expanded store listings in Canada and Northeastern U.S.” — Marius and Irma Botden, Owners of Binkley Apples

How does a bag of apples cultivate so much attention?
The Red Prince, a special apple variety grown by Binkley Apples, is harvested in the Fall and cellared until winter to enhance its flavour.

Binkley Apples approached us with two challenges: tell this unique Red Prince story and create packaging that stands out. We saw this as an opportunity to rethink, refresh and reinvent the way apple packaging and branding is designed and displayed in the fresh produce section – a grocery category that is ripe for innovation.

Our team created an artisanal look and feel, transforming a simple cellophane bag to look like kraft paper. It featured letterpress graphics, a rope-like handle, an editorial story and a new positioning line that brought the unique harvesting story and taste profile to the forefront. With the innovative zip lock closure and durable cellophane material, we found that customers were re-using the bag after they enjoyed the apples. The artisanal design and messaging we developed expanded into the in-store display and website redesign.

Our work was recognized with many firsts. It was the first time a design was awarded both the Canadian Packaging Consumer Voice Award and the Applied Arts Design & Craft Award. Another first – Binkley sold out of their entire Red Prince harvest for the first time in their growing history.

12 million apples sold in 3 months. Major grocer listings expanded across Canada and Northeastern United States. Entire Red Prince crop sold out. Double winner at PAC awards – an industry first.

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