Ottawa Magazine

Serving the fourth-largest city in Canada and the second-largest urban market in Ontario, Ottawa Magazine reaches one of the most affluent and discerning readerships in the country.

The antics of Parliament, the roller coaster ride of high tech and the mensa mindset of national research have produced a remarkable stew of politics, wealth and accomplishment that defines Ottawa as unique on the Canadian horizon. Ottawa Magazine reaches this intelligent and sophisticated consumer and artfully entertains with trademark hard-hitting stories, in-depth profiles, saucy gossip, superb food and wine coverage, and detailed events listings.

Now in our 17th year of publishing, Ottawa Magazine is the pre-eminent voice in a city that resounds with opinion. Our award-winning editorial team is up to the task, and our readers have come to rely on the capital’s most entertaining, informative and credible magazine.

Ottawa readers are tough to impress. Affluent and discerning, they’re drawn from the bureaucracies, boardrooms, and labs of Ottawa’s white-collar industries, from the federal government to this country’s top high-tech companies. They are connoisseurs of food, wine, art, travel and language, accustomed to national treasures at their doorsteps and international flavours in their communities. Their standards are high, as is their spending power. Their magazine is Ottawa Magazine.