Content Marketing

Traditional advertising pushed at a wide audience through conventional channels is becoming less effective in today’s cluttered media universe. With the explosion of the internet and social media – as well as advances in publishing technology and big data – brands are now able for the first time to become publishers and speak directly to communities of interest.

Media consumption habits are also changing, and engaging, digitally-focused content is quickly emerging as an optimal way of talking to-not-at those audiences. Content is the new language of advertising. Brands now need content as part of their marketing mix to target communities and convert them as advocates and customers. Those that are doing this on some level need more content to effectively drive engagement.

But what brands have the time, resources and most importantly the expertise to provide that internally?

That’s where St. Joseph comes in.

Through many decades of combined editorial and publishing experience, we know how to develop the right mix of stories that engage an audience and keep them coming back for more. And we have a roster of best-in-class writers, editors, photographers, videographers, illustrators and graphic artists.

Now, tell us how we can help