Creative Services

At St. Joseph Communications, we listen before we leap.

That is the fundamental philosophy that underpins everything we do, from creative strategy through to concept design, production and final output. Our solid knowledge of the retail industry in Canada, coupled with a proven track record in optimizing sales and speed-to-market while reducing costs for major brands, also serves to inform our creative philosophy and approach to design.

At St. Joseph, we believe that our clients benefit greatly by working with us in a “Creative meets Process” methodology. We are very familiar with fully integrating Creative Services into the production workflow. Assigned Art Directors and Designers work collaboratively with Account Managers, providing valuable input on marketing, quality of photography, copy tonality and overall design. The collective goal of the team is to ensure that all creative components strongly convey the intended messages and that the clients’ brand is properly represented.

We currently have strong partnerships with clients that require creative representatives to participate in the process on a regular basis. Process steps may include: strategy/brainstorming sessions, creative briefing meetings, production hand-off meetings, weekly review meetings and postmortem meetings. The needs of all our clients vary in scope however, St. Joseph is comfortable with tailoring processes to each desired need and building strong teams to support them.

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