Cineplex takes lead role in protecting endangered forests

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In a switch that will save thousands of trees per year, Cineplex is now printing its magazine on recycled papers.

As Cineplex’s print partner for the last 12 years, St. Joseph is proud to share this example of how a commitment to sustainable paper options creates ripple effects in raising environmental awareness and protecting our forests. Cineplex has been applauded by the award-winning not-for-profit organization Canopy for its leadership role in ensuring a brighter future for the world’s endangered forests and species.

The second most read magazine in Canada according to Vividata, Cineplex Magazine is distributed in Cineplex’s 162 theatres across Canada, and also in The Globe and Mail and Le Journal de Montreal. St. Joseph currently prints over 950,000 copies of the magazine each month, English and French combined.

While the magazine was printed on FSC-certified paper for a number of years, Cineplex wanted to support its Paper Procurement Policy with the most environmental paper choice. Working with St. Joseph’s Print Group to source an Ancient Forest Friendly™ (AFF)-certified stock comparable in terms of price and quality, we started printing on the new paper last year. AFF is a gold standard in environmental paper options, indicating a stock that is free of ancient or endangered forest fiber, made with 100% recycled or straw paper, and is whitened without chlorine.

According to the Environmental Paper Network’s Paper Calculator, by using 100 per cent recycled paper for the text pages of the magazine, 21,572 trees will not be used each year.

As applauded by Canopy, Cineplex’s paper shift is just its latest commitment to reduce its environmental footprint. Other initiatives include using office papers that are 100 per cent post-consumer recycled and the use of FSC-certified papers for popcorn bags and drink cups. For the announcement from Canopy click here and you can check out Cineplex’s paper policy on its website.


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