E.D.Smith jams, pie fillings and condiments have been on the shelves of major Canadian grocers since 1882. As we researched E.D.Smith’s classic Canadian story of success from hard work – and a little help from nature – we recognized the brand had an important story to tell.

Heritage, premium quality, and big taste were rich positioning attributes that anchored our strategy to provide visibility, differentiation and emotional appeal, to relaunch the E.D.Smith brand and put it back on top of the premium category.

Our partnership has renewed and helped expand E.D.Smith as a trusted name in fruit spreads and fillings, and we continue to support the global expansion of E.D.Smith across multiple categories. In our ongoing relationship with E.D.Smith, we create vendor presentations, and design and develop brands, packaging, POS and collateral materials.

We love seeing the fruits of our labor, and with E.D.Smith it’s really a treat.

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