General Electric

As a champion of innovation, GE is demonstrating that it is also an innovator

How do you sell massive industrial equipment to the energy patch? By convincing decision-makers you are a world leader in innovation. In Canada, GE’s key line of business is industrial equipment and its principal markets are the oil and gas, mining and energy industries.

Known for its forward-leaning approach to content marketing, GE Canada launched, a branded content website focused on thought leadership in its key markets. Strategic Content Labs, a division of St. Joseph Communications, was chosen in the Spring 2014, as a preferred partner to develop and execute content for


GE challenged Strategic Content Labs to develop a six-month series of engaging and informative content for its sophisticated audience—articles, illustrations and infographics—on the theme of innovation in the oil & gas, energy and mining industries. As a champion of these innovative initiatives, GE is demonstrating to its audience that it is also an innovator.

For ideation, Strategic Content labs mined a GE global survey of executives on the topic of innovation, and using top journalists, photographers, designers and graphic artists, communicated the findings of the survey through real-life business cases, industry profiles, big-picture articles, graphics and other storytelling approaches. Topics covered ranged from resolving barriers stifling innovation, to funding R&D, to industry trends such as collaboration, speed-to-market, scaling up and crowdsourcing.


Strategic Content Lab’s approach connected GE to the story, without making the story about GE. It was an innovative approach that resulted in deeper engagement with its key customers.

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