Beyond A Buzzword: The Business of Influencer Marketing

St. Joseph Communications sits down with experts in the field to talk about influencer marketing

For many brands, working with influencers brings up a lot of questions. Where do you start? Is ROI trackable? How do you work with influencers? St. Joseph Communications sat down with a panel of experts to get the answers.

Sara Koonar, co-founder of Platform Media & Management Inc, has over a decade of diverse experience in the media industry. As a freelance writer and editor-and-chief, she has connected with many different audiences, giving her a deep understanding of the ever-changing digital landscape. Today, she shares with us a management perspective on influencer marketing.

Krystin Lee is the content creator behind Suburban Faux-Pas. She is also a full-time social media strategist and blogger on the side. Social media peaked her curiosity when she noticed influencer marketing becoming a hot topic in the public relations field. Something that began as a side hustle to further her career, has fast transformed into a whirlwind of opportunities. Krystin shares her insights as a social media manager of her own brand and partner with various other brands.

Krystle Ng-A-Mann, former Bay Street lawyer turned full-time influencer at Dine & Fash, also joins our panel. Looking for a way to express her creativity outside of her corporate 9 to 5, she was drawn into the world of social media through Instagram. After practicing law for seven years, Krystle began posting her food, fashion and travel experiences online. Today, she shares what she’s learned along the way.

More than a buzzword, “Influencer” refers to a growing number of people who are branding experts. Influencers weave brand messaging into their everyday lives in a way that feels authentic to their audience. It is an around-the-clock job that requires a talent for strategizing and storytelling. Want to see how influencer marketing can amplify you brand? Check out our panel interview.


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