Connecting with Modern Moms Through YouTube

Based on new research from Google and Ipsos Connect, we’ve outlined the six core habits of modern moms on YouTube. Find out how to effectively appeal to this group that continues to control the checkbooks in the majority of Canadian households – and that is very open to getting parental advice from brands.

Companies can effectively appeal to moms on YouTube using these six emerging trends.

It should come as no surprise that moms continue to control the purse strings in the majority of Canadian households. Understanding their changing media habits is essential to targeting this key demographic. Modern moms are increasingly moving to digital devices, with 83% going online to seek answers to their parenting questions. Of these, 3 in 5 are searching specifically for online videos, making YouTube an influential platform to connect with moms.

With hundreds of YouTube channels expressly dedicated to moms and run by moms, it can be difficult to know where to begin. However, new research from Google and Ipsos Connect gives us some insight into the most popular reasons moms are going on YouTube and how they are viewing this content.

Taking a page out of the “Best Gifts for Mom” handbook, we’ve put together an acrostic poem outlining the core habits of modern moms on YouTube:


pen to Branded Advice

Seeking ips & Tricks

aving Quality time with their Kids

ngaged in Personal Pursuits

Looking for elaxation


1. Moms are Mobile

With their time-strapped schedules, it’s no wonder moms are choosing to go mobile. In fact, moms are much more likely to use their smartphones versus their dad counterparts, making it imperative that all content targeting moms is compatible with mobile devices.

2. Moms are Open to Branded Advice
If you think the modern mom is cynical about getting advice from brands, think again. Over 70% of moms are open to getting parental guidance from brands. Creating YouTube content that consistently provides support for parents can help establish trust between these moms and your brand.

3. Moms are Seeking Tips & Tricks
From the stresses of a newborn to the complex issues of school-age kids, and everything in between, moms are constantly on the hunt for parenting advice. In fact, seeking parental guidance is the second most popular reason moms are on YouTube. Providing useful information that helps navigate parenthood can allow companies to appeal to this demographic.

4. Moms Enjoy Having Quality Time with their Kids
Seventy percent of moms consider their child to be one of their best friends, these moms are looking for ways to spend quality time with their kids. To that end, moms are co-watching YouTube videos with their children, making it the third highest reason moms are on YouTube. It can be tricky to create communications that appeal to both children and their mothers, however this can be achieved through focusing on content that helps the modern mom start those difficult conversations around growing up.

5. Moms are Engaged in Personal Pursuits
Moms are using YouTube to retain their individuality outside of motherhood. Instructional videos can be especially appealing in this space as moms continue to explore their personal passions.

6. Moms are Looking for Relaxation
Motherhood is a full-time job, but that doesn’t mean every waking moment is dedicated to parenting. The number one reason moms are going on YouTube is for their own entertainment. Developing YouTube videos that allow moms to unwind and take a break from the hectic parenting day can be the key to tapping into the modern mom market.

Whether it’s through entertainment or instruction, developing a robust content strategy for YouTube is critical to connect with the modern mom.

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