Digital Video: The Essentials

In our new Trend Report, we delve into video on social and mobile, as well as the factors in going viral. Download the (free) report here for tips to incorporate into your digital video strategy for 2018.

Dive into our latest report on The Essentials of Digital Video.

We’d like to take you through each of the topics covered in our latest report, from video on social to digital videos growing in popularity on mobile devices. Here’s a taste of what you can find in the full report, which is available to download at the bottom of this post.


Current Media Habits

Videos are progressively consumed through digital devices, and viewers rarely limit their video consumption to just one platform. Channel strategies must react to this behavior change for brands to continue reaching their intended audience.


Social Platforms for Digital Video

Outside of streaming services, there are a plethora of social media platforms that are responding to consumer’s ongoing demand for digital video. Popular social networks are now incorporating video content into their interface and creating new opportunities for digital video advertising, especially through mobile devices.

Mobile Advertising & Digital Video

The amount of time consumers spend watching videos on their mobile device is growing each year, with 55% of consumers watching at least one video every week. This is not limited to mere snippets of video, as almost 50% of adults aged 18–34 use their smartphones to view long-form content as well.


Forms of Digital Video

Selecting the specific content for digital video advertising relies heavily on a brand’s identity and tone of voice. KPI’s and brand metrics should be well defined to ensure digital videos are produced in accordance with brand objectives.


The Future of Digital Video

Businesses are capitalizing on the growing demand for digital video, spending more media dollars in online video advertising than ever before. Advances in technology are making digital video advertising an even more effective method to engage with consumers, cementing its position as the advertisement of the future.


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