Douglas Kelly Named President of our Media Group

Douglas Kelly is the new President of our Media Group, replacing the recently retired Douglas Knight. The former Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of The National Post, Douglas Kelly joined St. Joseph three and a half years ago to set up Strategic Content Labs, our custom content division.

Announced last Thursday, we’re pleased to share that Douglas Kelly has assumed the position of President of St. Joseph Media.

Mr. Kelly, who is currently SVP, Strategic Content Labs, at St. Joseph Media, takes over the position from Douglas Knight, who recently retired after leading the division for 10 years. Three and a half years ago, Mr. Kelly joined St. Joseph to set up Strategic Content Labs, our custom content division. Since then, it has become a major part of St. Joseph’s product and service offering.

Prior to joining St. Joseph,  Mr. Kelly was Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of The National Post, where he led numerous transformative initiatives, including groundbreaking work in content marketing that helped cement his vision of the opportunity that has defined his focus at St. Joseph: To grow its roster of premier media brands alongside Strategic Content Labs.

“I want to thank Doug Knight for his leadership and Tony Gagliano for his confidence in me as we enter a new, exciting chapter for St. Joseph Media. I am honoured to be working with teams at such venerable titles as Toronto Life and FASHION Magazine, as well as associates right across the Media Group and larger company,” said Mr. Kelly.

Mr. Kelly will lead a talented senior management team at Media that includes Jacqueline Loch, VP & Group Publisher of Women’s Brands; Karl Percy, General Manager & VP Finance; Duncan Clark, VP Strategic Development; Ken Hunt, Publisher Toronto Life; and Darlene Storey, VP Consumer Marketing & Production.

Reporting to Tony Gagliano, Mr. Kelly will also be joining St. Joseph Communications’ Executive Leadership Team. He will continue to lead Strategic Content Labs, along with his duties as President of St. Joseph Media.

Also announced last week, Jacqueline Loch will be working with Tony Gagliano to identify and bring enterprise-wide business opportunities that could include St. Joseph’s  other major divisions, Content and Print. Ms. Loch has agreed to add this to her current responsibilities.

“There is great untapped potential in going to market with an unparalleled range of services offered by our Media, Content and Print divisions,” said Mr. Gagliano.

Mr. Kelly will continue to lead structural change across the Media Group as it reacts to the quickly changing Media landscape. “The Media Group has adapted well to date, but the business model must continue to evolve as we find new ways to meet the diverse demands and needs of our audiences and clients,’’ said Mr. Kelly.