This Earth Day, Get Closer, Not More Distant to Nature

Guest Post by Sarah Grant, Executive Director of GrandTrees

We could all use a healthy dose of green right now.

We can all recall times when a walk in the woods has done us good. Now, given the uncertainties we are facing and for some of us, the choices we must make in a professional context, we should be turning to nature.

Thankfully, this is an activity that is not only possible within the context of social isolation but in fact, is being encouraged (see here, and here and here).

What more can we say, take some time today (and every day) to get outside, hug your favourite tree, go for a walk in the woods.

In case we haven’t convinced you, here’s an excellent paper written by our planting partner, Forests Ontario, on the many health benefits linked to trees.

Now get outside, breath in that clean air purified by a nearby tree and feel some of your stress melt away.


For more resources and insights, visit the GrandTrees blog.

SJC is proud to partner with GrandTrees with our Partners in Growth commitment to contribute to the planting of a tree on behalf of every ton of paper we used on a print client’s behalf.