Tribute to our Founder on the Centennial Anniversary of his Birth

August 24th marked a special day: the 100th anniversary of the birth of our Founder, Gaetano Gagliano. His story emphasizes it is possible at any age, and under any life circumstances, to embark on a new journey and realize a dream. Watch our Centennial Anniversary Tribute video for his amazing life story and inspiring legacy.

Today marks a very special day: the 100th anniversary of the birth of our Founder, Gaetano Gagliano.

Our Founder accomplished so many amazing things in his life. He received the highest honour you can receive as a citizen from both his birth country of Italy and his beloved adopted country of Canada. His life was remarkable. He regularly came into work up until the age of 95. He was married for 70+ years. At the age of 86, he founded – from the ground up – a Catholic Television network called Salt + Light TV, which has grown into a globally important organization that tells meaningful, positive, inspirational stories to millions of people every day.

The list goes on and on, but his legacy is best defined by his character and his values, which were actually quite simple: to follow your passion, to work hard, always act with integrity, give back to your community and of course always, always put God in the centre of your life. Our Founder never wavered on any of his values. Our Founder was a holy man that simply made the world a better place.

His values started St. Joseph Communications, fuelled its growth and will forever be at its core. It gives us great joy to see our father’s – our Founder’s – legacy continue through the passion and hard work of our teams across the country. From a young boy, when he was first introduced to the printing press, our Founder was passionate about mass communications and its power to tell stories and to unite people from all walks of life. We know he would be fascinated by the new, exciting ways we are telling our customers’ stories each and every day.

Thank you for taking the time to remember his legacy on this special occasion of his Centennial anniversary. We invite you to watch our new Centennial Celebration tribute video (see above) and share it with family and friends. As it has always done for us, may his story inspire you with all that is possible when you – under any life circumstance, and at any age –  let passion, hard work, determination, integrity, faith and hope lead the way.

– The Gagliano Family