Genesis Steers the Customer Experience (Right to Your Door)

Interested in test driving the 2019 North American Car of the Year? Book an appointment (or make a purchase) online and a Genesis agent will come to you.

Let’s pretend you’re in the market to buy a new car. Typically, after your online research, you narrow down your top picks and set aside some time in your schedule to visit the dealer(s) for a test drive. You go home to mull it over, maybe bring in a friend or family member for a second opinion, and a few days later return to the dealer to negotiate the purchase.

Genesis Motors Canada – the luxury arm of Hyundai Canada – is redefining that car-buying experience with its “we come to you” model. If you’re interested in test driving a Genesis – say the G70, the winner of multiple 2019 accolades including 2019 North American Car of the Year – you request a time online, and a Genesis agent will pick you up at your front door.  While Genesis does have standalone boutiques in Canada, the same process applies for purchase and maintenance; complete the transaction online, and Genesis will come to you.

Hyundai Canada CEO Don Romano explains that the model is not meant to replace dealerships or salespeople, however.

“The simple idea was to be able to access a car completely online,” Romano said to Automotive News Canada last year. “The fact is, though, that no transaction can be done completely online. It’s the second biggest investment in somebody’s life, and you need help. Just the fact that the technology in our vehicles has grown to the level it’s at right now, we need to consider fitting a customer to our car like we do a suit at Harry Rosen. It’s the same thing. There are so many aspects of that vehicle and that technology that needs to be explained and needs to be customized for our customers.”

As the 2019 North American Car of the Year (as chosen by 60 North American journalists) the Genesis G70 is on spotlight at this year’s 2019 Canadian International Autoshow, on now until February 25 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  SJC was proud to create the Genesis Autoshow video loop that includes b-roll and driving footage of the G70, G80, G90, as well as brand new content showcasing the Genesis Purchase Journey footage shot by SJC at the end of 2018.  You can check out the video below or see it live at the Genesis Autoshow booth (which also has on display the Genesis concept card, Essentia). And if you’re interested in test-driving the G70, it’s only a few clicks away for Genesis to come to you.