Home & Fashion: F/W 2018 Trend Report

SJC unlocks the latest fall and winter trends to keep brands in the know and help your brand become the go-to for brand inspiration.

With home and fashion trends constantly evolving, it can be a thankless task for brands to keep up with these fast paced industries. SJC uncovers the most prominent home and fashion trends of the F/W 2018 season throughout the infographic below. We have found that consumers are looking to declutter their homes, and want to be surrounded by calming hues and streamlined designs. With the worry of not completing projects around the home, brands that offer consumers DIY or how-to solutions will become superstars in customers eyes. The fashion industry is celebrating the comfort of athleisure wear this season, incorporating workout gear and oversized sweaters with high fashion and workwear. Highlighted in the infographic is the children’s wear market, where a new business model is set to outsell fast fashion in 10 years.

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