Introducing a Disruptive New Flyer Distribution Model

The "Best Life" for Flyers in Canada

Research continues to prove that Canadians love their flyers. Yet within the current distribution model retailers face many barriers including non-targeted delivery, high waste, lack-luster presentation and dwindling newspaper circulation.

St. Joseph Communications is launching an exciting, cost-effective delivery model for brands to get their message in the homes and hands of Canadians. Best Life is our new disruptive distribution solution that will be deposited directly into the mailboxes of targeted houses, apartments and condos. Each week, retailers looking to deliver a better reader experience will participate in the program along with a weekly editorial lifestyle magazine published by our own St. Joseph Media, publisher of award-winning brands such as Toronto Life and FASHION Magazine.

“We’re excited to present this new flyer delivery model for Canadian retailers that is cost-effective and provides a great consumer experience, tapping into Canadians’ affinity for flyers and high-quality editorial,” says Tony Gagliano, CEO of St. Joseph Communications. “Over the last 12 months, we have worked to develop and create the ultimate model that addresses what’s lacking in flyer delivery in Canada today: a compelling, relevant, targeted, differentiated, timely – and affordable solution.”

Inspiration for Best Life comes from the desire of Canadian retailers to deliver an improved consumer experience for their flyers and marketing collateral. Best Life is that vehicle that removes retailers from a cluttered delivery environment and across a consumer’s doorstep via Canada Post delivery.

Studies confirm printed flyers remain popular with Canadian consumers. Recently our Strategic Content Labs conducted an online study for some specific insight. The findings include:

  • 75% of respondents somewhat/strongly agree that flyers are an important source of shopping information
  • 80% would read the magazine
  • 66% would notice the package more than other types of flyers

Notably, the concept scored well with those who don’t currently enjoy receiving flyers.

The first Best Life package will hit Canadians’ mailboxes for a controlled test in the London, Ontario market on April 27, 2018.

Interest or questions in our Best Life offering can be directed to Ray D’Antonio, our Print Group’s EVP of Sales & Marketing at or Steve Tyas, VP Creative Solutions, at Both can be reached at 905-660-3111.

And finally, here’s a sneak peek at the first issue of the Best Life magazine.