Marketing Across Gen X, Y & Z

A crash course in each generation's consumer behaviour & how to market to them

Whether it’s X’s resilience and cynicism, Y’s optimism, and entitlement, or Z’s independence and empathy, we investigate the basic attributes that unify a generation, unlocking a wealth of consumer knowledge.

This whitepaper takes a deep dive into industry research utilizing our very own SJC insights to provide you with all there is to know about each group’s consumer behaviours, media habits, market influence, and business expectations.

Our data shows that with each generation’s specific traits and brand expectations, a catchall marketing plan isn’t effective across generational lines. Through understanding how a generation developed its unique attributes and consumer behaviours, brands can develop messages that have a higher likelihood of resonating and deliver them through the most effective platforms. Catering to each of these groups through personalized brand communications is the key to forming meaningful and lasting relationships with every generation of consumer.

Regarding each generation we look at; who they are, why you should target them, how to best engage them and where you can reach them.