Shaping the Future of Canadian Magazines

St. Joseph Communications Acquires Publishing Division from Rogers Media.

Last week, St. Joseph Communications (SJC) announced its growing media brands portfolio with the acquisition of Rogers Media’s magazines: Maclean’s, Today’s Parent, Chatelaine (English and French), Hello! Canada, as well as digital publications Canadian Business and Flare. These iconic titles will join our award-winning Toronto Life, FASHION Magazine, Ottawa Magazine, Quill & Quire and Where Group of Magazines in Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Toronto.

Eighteen years after our foray into magazine publishing (with the acquisition of Multi-Vision Publishing in 2001 and Key Media in 2002), we are excited to own and publish a stable of the country’s most loved media brands. As shared in the press release from March 20, SJC commits to developing and growing the brands across all platforms and we are offering employment to all Rogers Media Publishing staff.

Here’s our CEO Tony Gagliano with more on this exciting opportunity for SJC, the media industry and our country.

On why SJC decided to acquire Rogers Media’s magazines

“We see this as an incredible opportunity. The titles we’re acquiring from Rogers are iconic Canadian brands. They have proud histories, huge audiences, devoted readers and a nationwide base of subscribers…It would be nearly impossible to build anything like this from scratch.” (The Globe & Mail)

On the benefit to advertisers

“What we have done — I think what we’re good at — is finding new revenue opportunities, where sometimes traditional advertising has fallen by the wayside.” (The Financial Post from Canadian Press)

[translated from French ] “What advertisers are looking for is a wide reach, and we can now offer a much broader offer.” (Le Devoir)

On the success of Toronto Life’s double-digit growth over the last three years

“We were moving into new lines of revenue, from our events business, from our membership program. A lot of the things we were doing resonated really, really well with subscribers and with our advertisers.” (Media in Canada)

On the role magazines play in the vision of SJC Founder Gaetano Gagliano to build better communities

“Publications that foster public engagement are another way to help communities. Maclean’s can help make Canada better if it’s managed well. I think we have an obligation and a duty with these brands to help make our country just a little bit better.” (The Globe & Mail)

On the role of digital and print

“I think there’s been too much emphasis on digital media over printed magazines, books and catalogues, which have the advantage of providing a selection of portable content without extensive internet searching. I think it’s going to come back in favour of print in time when people see the benefits of it….I think there’s obviously room for both.” (The Financial Post from Canadian Press)

[translated] “We understand print, too. This format has great strengths, and I believe that in the long run, print will remain very relevant.” (Le Devoir)


We look forward to welcoming the new brands and talented staff into the SJC family, broadening our capacity and reach to tell important, engaging stories for all Canadians.

In its coverage of the acquisition, CBC spoke with Chris Waddell,  professor in the school of journalism and communication at Carleton University in Ottawa. Here’s what he had to say:

“What’s good about this is that the magazines have been sold to a magazine company … that has extensive experience producing magazines, which is a good sign for them and gives them a much better chance of survival…There will no doubt be changes in the future but generally it gives the magazines probably the best prospects for a continued future that they could hope for.”