Shifting Automotive Dealerships into High Gear

When you see or hear ‘GM’, you immediately know who it is. One of the most widely recognized automobile manufacturers, GM has remained in the fast lane of innovative excellence for more than a century. So, imagine our excitement when they chose SJC Content to help develop the content for their stores of the future, enhancing the way their brands connect with their customers in the dealership.

In 2016, SJC was named the strategy and content Agency of Record for GM Canada’s fledgling In Dealership Digital Network (IDDN), which was being launched in 250 dealerships nation-wide. The success of the Canadian program led to SJC being selected to provide content strategy and content development for GM’s US IDDN network of more than 5,400 Chevrolet, Buick and GMC dealerships across the country.

What fuelled the need for GM to create an in-dealership digital signage network?

Traditionally, car shoppers visited dealerships to kick the tires and smell the upholstery. Now, shoppers start their purchase journey with websites, blogs, social media posts and online videos. Customers can build and price their vehicle, and even book test drives, all online. And if they want financing, a trade-in evaluation, or vehicle delivery, they can do that too – all from the comfort of their home or office. Today, customers usually only enter a showroom once their buying decision has been made.

Just as the car buying process has changed, so has the dealership experience. How? Thanks to SJC’s digital signage content, stepping into a Chevy, Buick or GMC dealership is now more engaging than ever. The network allows GM to deliver digital video content that can communicate directly to customers and staff across the U.S. in a variety of retail zones including showroom, service and wait lounge. The content is designed to continue the online and mass media messages in-store, keeping them up-to-speed on the most up-to-date product, sales and service information, as well as adjacency messaging about the benefits of GM rewards programs, the cool features of OnStar and the latest maintenance deals. The digital content can also helps spark the conversation between the customer and sales person.

The digital network isn’t just about national and regional content. SJC’s content strategy makes it easy for dealers to create and broadcast their own content within their own dealerships. The result? The dealership is able to showcase their support of employees, local events, sports teams and other community initiatives.

GM is a long-time sponsor of many local and regional initiatives.  With regards to Chevrolet’s relationship with ‘Wreaths Across America,’ we created regionally distributed digital signage content that was meant to encourage people to get involved with this important cause. Along with the confidence that comes from making an informed purchase decision, the customer can also feel good about buying from a dealership invested in their community.

SJC is now a globally approved vendor for General Motors Company. Our digital signage content is considered an Essential Brand Element, and is a mandated marketing platform in all 5,400 C/B/GMC dealerships across the U.S. , thus assuring SJC’s continued role in helping GM’s drive for success, and in evolving the dealership of the future.