We are in this together: A St. Joseph’s Day message to our SJC community

Our usual practice on March 19 is to enjoy zeppole, the traditional St. Joseph’s Day pastry treat.

These are unusual times, and there will be no zeppole today, but the significance of the tradition is a relevant one to share.

Zeppole’s association with St. Joseph’s Day dates back to the Middle Ages. The people of Sicily were facing hardship when a drought threatened their safety and way of life. They bonded together; they persevered; and finally, it began to rain. The people gathered to celebrate and zeppole became a symbol of thanks for centuries to come.

Today, we are facing a new time of adversity. But we face it together; as friends, as families, as Canadians and as members of a global community.

This St. Joseph’s Day, we extend to you our thanks and appreciation for being a part of our SJC community. The occasion for zeppole will come again. In the meantime, we wish you, your colleagues and loved ones a happy St. Joseph’s Day and good health and well-being.

Your friends at SJC