Dynamic Video Advertising

While with traditional video advertising it can be difficult to create a personal touch tied to a consumer’s specific search criteria, Dynamic Video Advertising brings marketers the opportunity to create an exceptionally personalized video campaign that can target hundreds of thousands of individuals.

With Dynamic Video Advertising, brand messages hit the mark with targeted accuracy.

In a market where consumers are bombarded with thousands of advertisements a day, personalization has never been more critical. It’s common for online, image-based display ads to change depending on a consumer’s specific search criteria, creating something of a personal touch. However, this has been historically difficult to achieve in video advertising. Marketers face high production costs, long lead times, and limitations in technology. But now, with the advent of Dynamic Video Advertising, marketers have the opportunity to create an exceptionally personalized video campaign that can target hundreds of thousands of individuals.

What is it?

Dynamic Video Advertising, is a new marketing tool that allows brands to create infinite variations of their video advertisement, ensuring that what a consumer sees is customized to his or her specific search preferences.

How does it work?

Brands produce one base video featuring the product or service they wish to promote. Using Dynamic Video Advertising, brands can then create an unlimited number of dynamic variations of their video, using an assortment of text, audio, or images. Each variation can be tagged with anything from popular search criteria, to trending topics, to geolocation, so that the version of the ad that plays is directly in line with what or where a consumer is searching online.

Why Use It?

Increasingly, consumers are turning to video content, especially on their mobile devices, when consuming media. YouTube, in particular, has become a powerful platform where video advertising is more effective at engaging consumers versus the typical display ads. Having the ability to customize video content via Dynamic Video Advertising permits brands to build stronger connections with their target audience using relevant and topical messaging.

Where and When is it Best Used?

This technology is still fairly new in North America, making it an ideal marketing vehicle to beat out the competition and develop standout creative.

Who Should Use It?

There is potential for any brand to better engage their consumers with Dynamic Video Advertising. This personalized marketing tool can contextualize a brand’s products and ensure messaging is aligned with a consumer’s specific search to achieve greater relevancy.

Brands in other markets have already seen success with the use of Dynamic Video Advertising:


Case Study: Campbell’s Soup Australia


Campbell’s Soup saw a drastic decline in their Simply Soup sales during Australia’s warmest winter on record. With a strong dependence on seasonality, annual sales would suffer without addressing the declining demand over the winter months.


-Increase online video engagement

-Improve cost efficiency

-Increase soup sales with declining demand in warmer than average winter


Using dynamic video advertising in their YouTube campaign, Campbell’s created 1,700 customized variations of their Campbell’s Soup video ad, which directly linked to a consumer’s YouTube search, query. For example, if a consumer searched for Orange is the New Black on YouTube, they would see the Campbell’s Soup ad with humorous copy related to prison food.


Campbell’s ad targeted hundreds of thousands of specific users and kept them better engaged with content that was memorable, in a quick and effective method.

-1.67M total YouTube views

-Average view rate of 92%

-25% lift in ad recall

-56% increase in sales for Campbell’s Simply Soup


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