Sharp Magazine

SHARP is a national magazine for affluent, influential men, who seek information on premium lifestyle products. Content ranges from the latest fashions, to luxury travel, to the most desirable cars, and the most sought-after male and female celebrities. SHARP’s team of award-winning writers and photographers provide a sophisticated publication that that both informs and entertains readers.

From the start SHARP partnered with St. Joseph to achieve its goals of being an inspiring and innovative magazine, culminating in the winning first place in the “innovative product using heatset printing on any stock” category for SHARP’s Hugh Jackman cover issue.

SharpCover_HughJackman 2

The issue showcased a new cover concept conceived by Contempo Media and executed in partnership with St. Joseph that enabled the magazine to promote itself as well as BMW. When the flap is opened on the cover image of Hugh Jackman, the hood of a BMW is revealed with the words “the future” across the grill. Similarly, when a flap is opened across the last two letters on the title “Sharp,” it changes to “Shape,” forming the message “Shape the future.” When the cover is flipped open to the BMW ad, it completes the message with the words: “By creating it.”

The execution played in a new advertising space: the magazine title. It was an innovative break-though in print, as it brought another level of engagement and connection to the reader, which was a big win for the magazine.

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