What’s in a Company Name: Happy St. Joseph’s Day

Visit one of St. Joseph Communications’ facilities on March 19 (or in this year’s case, Monday, March 20), and you will be sure to see some zeppoli – the traditional and tasty St. Joseph’s Day treat.

Zeppoli’s association with St. Joseph’s Day dates back to the Middle Ages. After a severe drought in Sicily, it finally began to rain. Zeppoli became a symbol of thanks and celebration in honour of St. Joseph, a patron saint of Sicily.

Fast forward to 1956, when our founder, Gaetano Gagliano, started a letterpress operation in the basement of his family home. As that small company flourished, he decided to name it after St. Joseph, the patron saint of the working person and of Canada.

Six decades later, we carry on our founder’s belief in the “dignity of work.” Always curious, always asking questions and never resting on our laurels, we’re constantly transforming and evolving into a leading organization for today’s communications.

As we enjoy our zeppoli every St. Joseph’s Day, we also pause to remember our company’s rich history and to appreciate our amazing associates, customers and partners. Happy St. Joseph’s Day.

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