Hyundai showcases Content That Does the Heavy Lifting.

Hyundai uses branded video to put its SUPERSTRUCTURE™ to the ultimate test.

When designing the all-new 2017 Elantra, Hyundai began with the vehicle’s core. The SUPERSTRUCTURE™ is a state-of-the-art platform constructed of Hyundai’s exclusive Advanced High Strength Steel. Hyundai partnered with St. Joseph Communications to create a branded video that put the SUPERSTRUCTURE™ to the ultimate test.

The SUPERSTRUCTURE™ concept involved using a strongman to demonstrate the strength of the steel. It was a Hyundai version of man vs the machine. Over the span of 48 hours, our team arranged for the necessary equipment for the shoot, created custom lighting on-site and managed talent casting. One week later, the final product was live at the Canadian International Autoshow, successfully meeting the client’s need for a quick turn-around.

When we create content, we have two objectives: it needs to be effective for each medium and it has to be efficiently produced. We call this process COPE, Create Once Publish Everywhere. As an essential part of our strategy, COPE allows us to reduce time and cost for producing content. By having access to leading edge technology and experts in the industry, we were able to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver content to Hyundai that could be used across any platform – from broadcast to social media.

After its Canadian release, the SUPERSTRUCTURE™ Superchallenge video has been picked up by the Russian, Korean and US markets and led to the development of a 90-page catalogue.